Your Property in Kolkata is Safe[er] With a Property Management Company

Are you an NRI with property in Kolkata? Or maybe you own property in Kolkata but work in Bangalore. Whatever the case, when you live far away from a house you own, managing it becomes a major hassle. We have had customers who initially tried to manage all aspects of home management themselves over the phone. The called servicemen for monthly checks, if any issues were mentioned they had to judge based on photos that were sent, then believe the handymen about the costs incurred, etc. If they had tenants the hassles only increased. Rent collection, maintenance, vacancy, all became one big headache.

Enter property management companies. What we do, is take over EVERY aspect of home management and all you are left with is checking monthly status reports, end enjoying the rent amount that gets deposited in your bank account every month. Here are 5 ways we make your life easy:

Property Maintenance

A house needs regular and proper maintenance. Ceilings could have leaks, paint could chip off, faucets could be broken, there are numerous issues that could arise. With a house, every issue starts of small but if not nipped in the bud could lead to major problems that need overhauls. A property management company solves this issue for you by performing periodic checks and fixing any issues that they might come across.

Finds Tenants

If you have rented out your house, you have done it no doubt to earn an extra income every month from your investment. A landlords biggest problem is a vacant house. The property stands idle without earning money while you actually spend money on brokers and advertising to find tenants. Enter property management companies. What we do is advertise your property on our personal portals and also on our network partners’ portals ensuring you find the right tenants almost as soon as your property gets vacant. this saves you time, effort, and most importantly eliminates non earning periods.

Manages Tenants

Once you have tenants living at your house in Kolkata, managing them is a complete new responsibility. You must cater to their needs, ensure they are adhering to laws of the neighborhood, collect rent, perform checks and maintenance tasks, etc. Again, a property management company can save you all the hassle. They become the point of contact for your tenants, taking over all responsibilities. They manage expectations, cater to tenants’ needs, collect rent on time, manage documents, exit, etc.

Keeps You Informed

The most common fear that keeps home owners in Kolkata, or India in general, away from external management companies is that they worry about what’s happening. With us, that worry goes out the window because we appoint a property manager to you property who becomes the focal point for you, a person who is always available to answer your questions. We also provide monthly reports that give you a breakdown of what’s going on.


Yes your property in Kolkata is precious and a very expensive investment. It is fair for you to ask questions and worry about the right way to handle its management. We encourage you to get in touch, so we can start a conversation and put your mind at ease with our credentials, portfolio and services.

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