What to Look For in a Real Estate Management Company?

If you own a property in India that may or may not be rented out, you are already aware of the hassles that come with it. Tenant issues, maintenance, repairs, rent collection, legalities, etc. are important aspects of keeping your investment safe. A real estate management company enters to help take over the hassles involved. A good property management company finds you tenants, manages them, collects rent, performs periodic maintenance checks, repairs, and more! Before we tell you what to look for in a property management company, here are a few services provided by one:

Finding Verified Tenants

Firstly, we help by monetizing your prized property. We advertise your property and show them to potential tenants. We do a background check and then rent out, only to verified tenants. While monetizing your property, we also ensure that is goes into good hands.

Relationship Management

We ensure the owner-tenant relationship between you and your tenants is amicable. We take extra steps to be certain they have a great experience you as well as with us. We are available to assist in all the matters related to owners and tenants relationship ensures that there are no hiccups.

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance is of course the most essential requirement for you as well as for your tenants. Our property experts on-ground perform periodic checks and execute any repairs that are required. We make sure that the value of your property increases as time goes by.

Property Enhancement

By performing periodic checks and proactive repairs, maintaining documents and legalities, and ensuring tenants do not damage the property, we essentially enhance and improve the value of the property. you can learn more about how we do it , here: 3 Ways a Property Management Company Enhances Your House in India

What to Look For in a Property Management Company

They should provide all the essential services

The services we mentioned above should be part of their default property management package. It should be property maintenance, finding tenants, tenant management, property inspection, repairs, and documentation.

They should have an on-ground team and a property manager

They should assign an on-ground property manager who is situated at your location. This is important to be able to respond to and cater to tenants and maintenance as soon as possible. You should also have an open channel for communication with the property manager. This is important so that you can get information and well as ask for it.

They should have vendor tie-ups

One benefit of hiring a good property management company is that they have tie ups with property vendors, giving you not only a better service, but also for a cheaper price. They usually work with reputed painters, carpenters, plumbers, repairmen, etc. on a recurring basis thus building a good working relationship that you can benefit from.

They should have a periodic reporting system

We understand that giving up control of your property to someone else can be difficult. your property in India, after all, is dear to you. That’s why we, at Propadis, have a reporting system in place. Through email and WhatsApp we keep an open communication channel and send you periodic information about what s going on with your property.

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