Under the Umbrella – Protecting Properties and Prayers !

Some stories stay with us for a long time. They shake us up and make us take that step towards becoming problem-solvers rather than mere listeners and empathizers.

A few days back, I went to meet an elderly couple (Mr. & Mrs. Rana) in their 70s. They had been living in Nairobi, Kenya and had been unable to sell their property in India. This property was located in a layout in Bidadi, Bangalore, and the builder’s trail had gone stone cold. The layout itself was in horrific shape with bushes and brambles growing all over.

I listened to their saga. They had stood in line 20 years ago to sign up for this home – their retirement home, their dream home. It was a dream that had turned sour. Now, they demanded answers. I wondered if we can do something about it. How do we stand up against these kinds of unscrupulous construction builders, who fleece the innocent.

I indicated to them “You’ve invested your hard earned money in buying property in your country. I assure you that managing it should be hassle-free”. It is a simple assurance, but personally, I still have sleepless nights, In this unorganized space, “How Do we dare to get things done right”?

We are surrounded by many such stories ever since my partners and I founded Propadis. We realised that we could choose to be mere listeners or we could try take the bull by the horns and attempt to solve these problems plaguing Indian property owners who reside outside India. God Help us, give us the “courage” “to dare” & give the other aggrieved customers the “strength” to come forward.

When I reassured my newly made friends (Mr. & Mrs. Rana) that Propadis will take care of their property, they declared that I was a ‘faristha’ or an Angel sent by God. In folklore, faristhas are famous for safeguarding people and make their wishes come true. I am hoping Propadis will be one such ‘faristha’ and protect the properties of many such NRIs.

By, Vinod Podar
CEO / CO-founder

*This is a true story. One of many such stories.

Propadis is born from three simple mantras 一 to safeguard, enhance and monetize the property 一 be it maintenance, rental or sell.

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