Three Sites To List Your Property To Quickly Find Buyers/Tenants

Real estate ownership has been a great investment strategy for a long time. It is one of the most lucrative investments that give massive returns over time. Most people prefer investing in a property because there are numerous ways of making money through real estate, such as renting out your property, buying and selling property based on market demands, and much more. One of the safest ways to get returns on your property is by becoming a landlord. You can rent out your property and enjoy rent from it every month.

In this article, we’re going to name 3 listing portals where you can list your requirement of rent or sale for free.

But first, how can you find buyers/tenants easily and with zero hassle?

You know that the task of renting or selling a property goes beyond just advertising on listing portals. You need to repair and clean the property, cater to prospect calls, conduct open houses, verify tenants/buyers, manage documents, etc. It’s quite a cumbersome task.

The ideal way to go about this is to hire a property management company. A property management company takes over all the hassle of finding buyers or tenants for your property. They even take over the task of listing your property along with photos and other details on all the popular listing portals, and also invest on boosting these listings so your property gets maximum visibility. They also talk to prospective buyers and tenants on your behalf before everything is finalized. In addition to that, you don´t even have to travel several times to show your property. Your property manager does it for you. To sum up, they take care of everything with regards to your property. They can even help you with the documentation work if you decide to go ahead with selling your property or for renting it out to a tenant.

That being said, if you decide to manage the activity in your own, make sure to list your property on the following popular listing portals:

Magicbricks is one of the most popular real estate websites where you can place ads about your property, and the prospective tenants or buyers can get in touch with you if they like the photos and location of your property.

Commonfloor is another website where you can advertise about your property by posting photos and other details, and your tenants can directly get in touch with you regarding rentals.

99acre has also become a big name when it comes to websites that showcase property. You can go for the free or the premium version and showcase your property, and prospective tenants can contact you from there.


To sum up, investing in a property is one of the best investments you can make in your lifetime. Moreover, if you hand over its responsibilities to a property management company, you can relax and enjoy the returns on your property. They make sure that you always have tenants who pay you monthly rents as per market rates. Get in touch with a property management company today and get rid of all your property-related hassles!

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