The best way to rent a house in Bangalore while paying 0 brokerage fees

Anyone who has moved to Bangalore and tried to find a good and affordable place for rent knows the hassle that comes with apartment hunting. You need to scour the web for listings, pick up numbers from light poles, make many, many calls, travel from one end to another looking at places, inspect each place for issues, haggle over the rent and deposit, and finally move in. The issue with contacts you receive over most listing portals (like MagicBricks or 91Acres) is that they belong to brokers, who take a cut for showing you the house.

Brokers are a big part of the renting process in Bangalore. They find new apartments, filter them out according to your budget and travel radius, and then recommend places to you. A broker definitely reduces the amount of work you need to put in in order to rent an apartment in Bangalore. The downside, however, is that you have to shell out their commission, which is usually a month’s worth of rent.

Propadis can simplify the process of renting a property in Bangalore, while taking nothing from you as commission or brokerage fee. We’re not a typical listing platform. Before we get into how we can help you, here’s why you can trust properties managed by Propadis:

  1. All properties are inspected, cleaned and maintained prior to listing them on the market.
  2. All repairs are done post inspection so you can rest assured you’re getting a perfect home.
  3. We continue to manage and maintain the property once you move in. This means help with repairs and maintenance.
  4. We manage the documentation (tenant agreement for example) and deposits so you have a reliable contact during your stay and also when exiting.
  5. We have liaisons on-ground, so anytime you need an in-person meeting it can be facilitated.

Here’s you can go about renting an apartment or house in Bangalore via Propadis

  1. Look for a suitable apartment on our listing page:
  2. Drop us a message via the form or call the number on the website.
  3. A property manager will show you the house and answer all your questions.
  4. You get all the required documents from the property manager.
  5. You move in.
  6. Rent collection, property maintenance, etc is handled by the property manager.

That’s it. An easy and simple process. You pay the rent amount set by the owner and nothing to Propadis. You can get more information here: Rent House in Bangalore Without a Broker or Brokerage Fee.

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