Tenant Management During a Lockdown

Every aspect of a person’s regular life has been deeply affected by Covid-19. The real-estate sector is not exception. And one of the issues faced by property owners during this lockdown is finding tenants for a vacant rental property.

We recently spoke about how property management companies help with Managing Your Property in India Amidst a Pandemic. We outlined the overall services, and one of them was finding tenants, tenant verification, and tenant management. We want to give you more insights on that topic in this article.

The lifecycle of a rental property usually involves:

  1. Marketing the property.
  2. Open houses (showing the house to potential tenants).
  3. Tenant verification and background checks.
  4. Rental agreement.
  5. Tenant management – when repairs are needed, calling for water trucks, etc.
  6. Rent collection.
  7. Property management – property inspection and maintenance.
  8. Exit management – Property inspection, deposit adjustment, etc.

Now, most of these tasks need you as the owner to move around, visit the property, visit vendors, get repairmen to the house, etc. This is a tedious task as it is, add a pandemic to the mix and the hassle magnifies a hundred times.

The solution to managing tenants the right way, with or without a lockdown, is through a property management company. Why? Because all of the tasks I outlined above, come under our services:

  1. We prepare the property for renting by cleaning and repairing the house.
  2. We market your property through our channels and get tenant requests faster.
  3. We show the property on your behalf.
  4. We manage tenant screening and rental agreements.
  5. We handle all tenant requests during their stay.
  6. We handle the repair and management through our expert vendors.
  7. We manage tenant exit and restart the search for a new tenant immediately.
  8. Know more – How Property Management Companies Can Help You Find Reliable Tenants [FAST]

If you would like to know more, drop us a message. The consult is free, and you will get a sense of our values and working model.

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