Tenant Background Verification – What Every Homeowner Must Know

Anybody who owns property knows why it is super important to ensure that the tenants renting a room in their property are properly background checked. Before approving any adult resident to live in your rental property, it is imperative that you perform a thorough background check. Making yourself aware and up to speed with a particular tenant’s prior behavior, specifically his/her criminal history is the perfect key to empowering you as a landlord. This is because you can rightly predict the future of those tenants in your property based on their past.

Therefore, background checks are invariably an indispensable part of tenant screening. However, there are several aspects included in this screening that are best left at the hands of a professional. Expert property management companies know exactly what to look for and how to clear a specific tenant based on their background verification. Also, they possess all the know-how of the industry. Hence, they are the best people to make the choice of which tenant to approve and whom to reject from residing in your property.

Here are 5 reasons why you must leave the task of tenant background verification to a professional property management company!

They will keep you, your neighbors and your community safe.

Property managers don’t just consider who they are renting your property to but also who they are letting inside your building as well as your community. They take it upon themselves to ensure that no problematic tenant is approved who could prove to be a potential risk to you or your neighbors. Availing the services of property management companies also allows you to enjoy a certain amount of freedom, relaxed in the knowledge that your property and community are safe and you are protected from any kind of harm. In addition to that, they will also be responsible for all the dealings with the tenants. This will ensure that you do not have to be a party to any kind of confrontations or arguments with future tenants and you will never have to put yourself in a risky or potentially violent situation.

They will protect you from all liabilities.

By availing property management services, you can also rest assured that the person in charge of tenant screening will collect as much information as possible about the tenant. Property managers do comprehensive background checks of the tenants prior to letting them inside your property. This means that if a prospective tenant has a prior criminal history, property managers would know that and right way reject the application. The reason why property management companies serve as lifesavers in this aspect is that you are protected from all liabilities and even if your property faces any kind of legal issue or lawsuit due to a problematic tenant, you do not have to worry about consequences. This is because the property managers you have hired will know when to accept or deny any application.

They will discourage all those tenants who are trying hard to hide something.

Tenant background verification is also necessary as it sends a crystal-clear message to all the prospective applicants that you are undergoing a strict and rigorous tenant screening process. In simple words, it is an explicit discouragement to people who have something to hide. However, taking up this task by yourself is not the most prudent thing to do because it is very likely that you will not know where to look for the red flags. On the other hand, property management companies know exactly where to prod prospective tenants, and they will ask them intelligent questions during the interview process. For example, if an applicant point-blank refuses to agree for a background check or stops responding once you share the requirements, these are clear indications that they are hiding something. In ordinary cases, you would simply consider the applicant to be disinterested if he/she stops replying. However, a property manager would know better.

They will verify application claims.

This is again an important step that will be taken care of by the property management company you hire. They will make sure that the potential tenants or applicants they interview have no criminal history. They will also know the importance of specifying exactly what constitutes criminal history starting from speeding tickets to convictions, arrests, and felonies. In addition to that, a property manager will also verify all the claims made by applicants in their applications as well as interviews. You cannot take a prospective tenant at his/her word. Property management companies understand this fact and will ensure that all the red flags are addressed before they let anyone inside your property.

They will help in reducing tenant turnover.

When you hire a property management company, they are also responsible for making sure that the potential tenants for your property have a flawless record. This will further help you in attracting high-quality and reliable tenants for your property who will be more likely to renew their lease or stay long-term at your property. As a result, you will be able to save yourself all the headache and stress that comes with constantly looking for prospective tenants for your property. It will also save you plenty of time and money. A property manager will also save you from going through any kind of legal trouble when it comes to your property.


Tenant background verification is a super important step in allowing prospective applicants to be your future tenants. It requires not just a thorough tenant screening process but also an analysis of all the background checks done on the tenants to ensure that all the red flags are eliminated and you only get tenants with a clean and spotless criminal background check. A property manager will also consider factors such as recency, severity, frequency, relevance and other legal considerations before approving a tenant for your property. All in all, it is recommended that you take the task of tenant background verification very seriously and hire a reliable property management company like Propadis to do the job for you.

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