Property Maintenance in India a Hassle? Property Management Company is the Solution

property maintenance in India

Property Maintenance – When & Why is it a Hassle? Property Maintenance is simply keeping your property – your villa, apartment or land, in top shape. Periodic checks, repairs, cleaning, replacement, upgrades, etc make up property maintenance. Now you see why it can be a hassle? Can you imagine skipping a day of work just … Read more

How Do You Know If You Need a Property Manager?

hire a property manager

Here’s an infographic that will help you decide if you and your valuable property need the assistance of a property manager. Are you an NRI with property in India? Here’s a helpful post for you: NRI With Property In India? Here’s How You Manage It Stress Free The infographic in text: WONDERING IF YOU SHOULD … Read more

If You’re an NRI With Property in India, Here are 7 Reasons Why You Must Hire a Property Management Company

nri property management

NRI Property Management – Do I Need a Property Management Company? P.S. If you’re looking for the services we provide, here is our services and contact page: NRI Property Management Owning a property has always been, and still is, a lucrative investment. But, just like the stocks in your portfolio, property needs constant attention, maintenance … Read more

Advantages Of Tenant Management

tenant management in India

Are you in a dilemma whether to handle the assets on your own or work with the property management company? However, the final decision is your choice! In priority, make sure that you understand the advantages of tenant management. One of our clients approached us in emergency since he was unable to dedicate the considerable amount of time to manage … Read more

Why property management is important for NRI?

Why property management is important for NRI

When people leave their valuable property and reside away from their home country, the challenges they are supposed to face are right around the corner. At Propadis, we have helped a plethora of NRIs in maintaining and managing their property by building a strong layer of trust with them. We have come across a wide range … Read more

Under the Umbrella – Protecting Properties and Prayers !

property management in India Protecting Properties

Some stories stay with us for a long time. They shake us up and make us take that step towards becoming problem-solvers rather than mere listeners and empathizers. A few days back, I went to meet an elderly couple (Mr. & Mrs. Rana) in their 70s. They had been living in Nairobi, Kenya and had … Read more

The Increasing Demand for NRI’s Property Management

property management in India

Real estate solution is one of the most tedious and complicated domains of asset market. This business in India is flourishing like never before. It is a business in which buildings, vacant lands, and commercial and residential properties are sold and purchased for prospective clients. The booming and astounding growth of this business has caught the … Read more

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