Staying informed about your property when you are overseas

Property for many people overseas is a popular investment option as it yields great returns on the longer run and is also a safer investment to make. 

Many NRIs invest in property as they may have plans of returning to India one day; while they are abroad they can reap the benefits of an occupied property till they return to the homeland. 

However, a property is a great investment only if it is maintained and is keeping up with local market trends. A property that lacks proper upkeep and maintenance is prone to depreciate in value vs appreciate while you are away. 

As a property management firm, we have a team of experts who are dedicated to ensuring your property has low vacancy, is in par with local market trends, is advertised adequately and most importantly, we ensure you, as the property owner, know what is happening in every step of the way. 

Many property owners leave their property in the hands of close relatives who they nominate as the Power of Attorney [Decoding Power of Attorney [Guide for NRI Property Owners], while this is an important step to take, the relative may not necessarily have dedicated time to carry out thorough inspections, attend to tenant requests or complaints and stay up to date with changing policies and trends. 

In unprecedented situations like the Covid-19 pandemic, many property owners will be unable to visit their property and keep up with the local changes and the policy changes in India. Though an owner may have left a relative in charge – the pandemic has proved that to be a hurdle as the relative may not be able to dedicate the time that’s required for your property. 

Property is an essential service and even in unprecedented times, our team aims to keep your property at the top of the turbulent real estate market. 

At Propadis, we provide end-to-end management of your property, from marketing to important documents, we track and maintain it all. All you have to do as a property owner is to check important updates at the tip of your fingers. 

How we keep property owners updated: 

1. Dedicated property manager – call/email

Any investment made for the long run needs time and attention. Especially when it comes to property. Propadis dedicates a property manager who ensures that you receive immediate updates via an email regarding any issues or changes with respect to your property. We also ensure, for any urgent issues, your property manager calls and communicates any urgent pressing hurdles. 

2. Communication via the app

As many property owners are in different time zones and may not be able to attend to call, Propadis has a custom-built app via which a property owner receives all updates immediately from their property manager. 

Our app allows for continuous communication with respect to all aspects of the property. A property manager dedicated to you overlooks and attends to

  • Maintenance and upkeep of the property 
  • Does regular inspections to check for any damages to the property 
  • Attends to ad ad hoc situations and requests/complaints from tenants (if any) 
  • Ensures all documentation and legal guideline are done with due diligence
  • Identifies potential platforms for advertising and marketing of the property if it is vacant 
  • Carries our thorough background checks and verifications of tenants 

3. Reduced vacancy

At the end of the day, a property is a great investment when it gives returns. There is no point in purchasing a property which is going to sit around till you return. Renting and leasing property till an owner returns is a great way to maximise the returns on the investment. 

A vacant property is no good. Our team at Propadis has expert advertisers and marketers who identify the best platforms to list your property. They work to ensure your property stays on top of listings. Our property managers host property tours when a potential tenant shows interest. 

When a property is listed, many potential may have several questions and queries regarding the property, as a NRI property owner, you will probably not have the time to reply to queries promptly. A property manager takes care of all this for you. 

4. Updates on all initial services performed with details/pictures

A property manager will take great images of your property to be listed. On many occasions a property may be great but poor lighting, dirty surfaces and poor angles make the property look like it’s not in the best condition. 

Furthermore, the manager will not only ensure potential clients view the property via images that do justice to the property, but they also make sure that you receive continuous detailed updates, reports and images of the property so you can see what is happening on ground. 

Communication about the condition of the property is essential when you are not available on-ground to see what’s happening. 

Final Word

They say communication is key – there is no doubt about this. Being away from your property may make you anxious about what is happening in reality with the property and make your worry about the condition it is in, no one wants to make a great investment and when the time comes, return to a damaged, scruffy looking property. 

Our dedicated property managers, assigned to fully look after your property will take away these worries for you and maintain your property while you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of your investment.  Read more about the standard operating procedures we practice at Propadis.

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