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manage property in India


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rental property management


Property management companies in India


Property management companies in India


manage property in India


Property management companies in India


rental property management

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The Best Property Maintenance Services in India

Property management in India is often seen as a challenge because it requires a lot of time and commitment. If you’re an NRI, the hassles of property management increase. Neglecting essential property management tasks related to maintaining can cause a lot of pain in the future. In such a scenario, an apartment maintenance agency in India can come as a lifesaver and ensure that your property is managed in the best possible way. Our property management services are perfect for NRIs and Indians!

All Management & Maintenance Work is Under Control

Propadis can help you immensely with property management and make sure that everything is under control. We take care of the documentation, maintenance, and all other aspects that are related to property management of your house in India.

You Can Be Free From Menial Daily Tasks

Maintaining an apartment means taking care of everything ranging from electricity faults, plumbing issues, painting, tenant management and more. You need to be on your toes all the time to make sure it is correctly maintained. A property management company can save you from all this.

Experts Manage Your Property

When you work with apartment maintenance companies in India, you can be assured that experts are managing your property. Also, no little detail or issue will go unnoticed by them. Your property is managed in the best possible way with a dedicated property manager.

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Get The Best Property Management Services in India

Propadis provides property management services in all major cities in India, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Our services are perfect for home or property owners looking to sell a property, or to rent out a property. We handle the property audit, inspection, cleaning and setup, open house, etc in order to monetize your house in India through a sale or rental income. In case of rentals, we manage tenant finding and verification, on-boarding, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, etc.

1. On-Site Property Manager

The house management company MUST have a team located close to where your property is. Don't give in to promises of 'sending an agent when required.' The entire purpose of hiring a property management company, after all, is to have a liaison close to your property. A company with a team close by can be relied upon to manage issues promptly. When you have a property that is rented to tenants this factor becomes all the more crucial. Tenants can call at all times of the day with problems, and your hired company must be close by to service their issues.

2. Tenant/Buyer verification

At Propadis, we take tenant verification seriously, so should the property management company you decide to hire. Renting or selling a property to individuals without proper identification could lead to serious legal implications. Stress on ensuring your property is handled with care and handed over to individuals who will treat your property like the gem that it is.

3. Tenant management

Happy tenants stay longer, reduce vacancy rates and build the quality of your property. A skillful rental company goes the extra mile to keep tenants happy. Maintenance is performed on time, repairs are done promptly, a helping hand is stretched when needed and they are made to feel at home. This subtle generosity leads to contented tenants. They will be sure to give you a five-star feedback!

4. Legal help

A major aspect of property management is staying lawful. A property is an enormous asset costing a lot of money and involving heavy paperwork. Having a professional team manage these documents is a smart way to stay on the right side of the law. A good property management company updates documents periodically and submits legal work to keep authorities happy. Make sure the management company that you hire also provides legal aid and advice.

5. Affordable

A house management company either has an arsenal of in-house maintenance staff or use regular vendors and contractors. They ensure laborers are efficient and the job is done in an impeccable fashion. Furthermore, using the same repairmen on a regular basis gives management companies the benefit of discounts and slashed fares, which in turn means savings for you on repairs and maintenance.

4. Higher ROI

Property management is not the task of simply performing repairs when breakdowns happen. It is the process of upgrading your property to a better version of what it was, leading to a boost in its overall value. A formidable property management company offers professional advice on how to improve your house. They take extra measures, with your approval, of course, to beautify the house and equip it with the essentials. They take proactive measures to safeguard your property from potential hazards and future problems.


What services come under the 'property management' bucket?

Property management includes everything needed to monetize, safeguard, and enhance your property. Monetizing by renting the property out or selling it (depending on what you need). Safeguarding by managing tenants, periodic inspections, maintenance and repairs, cleaning, etc. Enhancing by ensuring its overall value and price goes up by keeping it in perfect condition.

Where in India do you provide property management services?

We provide property management services in Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai and we have offices in each of these places as well. We also have on-ground property managers and experts in each of these locations.

What will be my involvement in the property management?

Essentially, nothing. We will keep you in the loop by providing reports and open communication channels, but you don't have to do any work unless you personally want to.

Do many people opt for property management services in India ?

Yes, a lot of home owners hire property managers to safeguard, monetize and enhance their property in India. Especially NRIs since they live far away and find it hard to manage a home in India.

On what basis is the pricing for property management services in India?

It will depend on the services you need (sell, rent, manage, etc). We assure you the prices are affordable and completely worth the result you will experience. Drop us a message and we will provide a full quote.

Is property management in India specifically for NRIs?

Not at all. That is a misconception. Imaging owning two properties in Bangalore, one where you live and another 20 km away. Don't you think managing the second property will be a major hassle? That's where our services fit in, when managing a property is difficult irrespective of where you live.

Can we meet in person before finalizing?

We in fact advise you to meet with us in person before even signing up. If you're an NRI, we can get on a conference call or meet a someone you ask to represent you, like a family member. We'll explain our services, give you stats on what we have done for previous customers, and also visit your property to provide a market analysis report, which is free. It looks something like this: Property Evaluation & Market Insights Report for a Customer With Property in Skylark Esta, Hoodi, Bangalore.

How do I get the process started? Is the initial consult chargeable?

You can hit the 'Book a Free Consult' button and fill in the form, we will gt in touch. We can connect over email/call and then in person. We will then inspect your property and provide the market analysis report. All this, is NOT chargeable, it is FREE. Post this, you can decide if you want to proceed.

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