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NRI Property Management With Propadis Takes Away All the Stress of India Property Management

If you are an NRI who owns one or more properties in India, it can be a hassle to manage it from abroad. There can be issues related to property maintenance or tenants or any other problem. But if you are an NRI, it can often be a challenge to be available at all times and take care of these challenges. In such a scenario, a property management company such as Propadis can come to your rescue. We offer all kinds of NRI property management services to make your life easy. The three most important features of our services are as follows:

Property Managed By Experts

When you work with a professional NRI property management company, you can be assured that your property is in the hands of experts. We have experience in managing distinct types of properties across various geographical locations. Therefore, we can handle all kinds of property-related issues.

Maintains Your Property

Our India property management services for NRIs are designed with a particular focus to keep your property in a way that you don’t have to pay any urgent visits to fix things in your property. We ensure that your property is maintained perfectly. We have been in the market for a while, so we have the right connections to get your work done in no time.

Takes Away all Hassles

Our property management services in India help you have free time to do other essential things. Propadis takes away all your hassles and does everything to make sure you don’t have to worry about your property in India.

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Tasks Of Your Property Manager

When you work with NRI property management services, you get a dedicated manager who offers regular updates about your property. In addition to that, your property manager is just a phone call away, so you can get in touch whenever you want. Apart from that, most of the tasks related to your property are handled by experts, so not even the smallest issues get unnoticed.

Some of the essential services offered by us for India property management are as follows:

Look For The Right Tenants

When you are abroad, it can often be challenging to find tenants for your property. Therefore, we take this hassle from you and find the right tenants for your property. We do all the background checks to ensure that your prospective tenants have a clear record. With the right connections in the market, we make sure that your property is not left without tenants for too long.

Helps With The Documentation

Once you have the tenants, you must be compliant with the government norms and rules. Therefore, we help you with the documentation of the contract that is signed by the tenant and the owner. We have in-house lawyers who help us draft the contracts without any loopholes.

Handles Issues With The Tenants

We also take care of all kinds of issues with the tenants. If there are problems related to the maintenance, we have a solution for it. We have contacts with plumbers, electricians, etc. so all of the issues are fixed in no time. A manager is dedicated to your property, so there is no need for you to worry in case of any tenants related issues.

Keeps You Updated

Having information about your property is also crucial. Therefore, we keep you updated with everything related to your property. We offer you regular updates, and in addition to that, you can also contact your dedicated property manager in case of any queries or questions through emails or a phone call.

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