Rental Property Management Services in India for NRIs

Why NRIs With a House in India need Rental Property Management Services

NRIs with property in India often find themselves struggling to manage their property back home. The reason is quite obvious: they are NRIs! They live far away from their house in India and all management happens over the phone, through an agency or through family members or friends.

As an NRI, wouldn’t it just be blissful if you fine a rental property management partner who you could trust enough to simply handover the keys to and forget about our house back in India (except once a month when a plump rent is deposited of course)? This is exactly what we, Propadis, aim to do for you; make the entire process of property management in India hassle free.

What is a Property Management Company

Property management services have been around for quite some time now, but are probably not as popular as they should be (especially among the NRI crowd). We can’t speak for everyone, but as a property management company ourselves, we at Propadis become the eyes hands and feet of NRIs on ground. Essentially, we take over all house management tasks on your behalf and execute them for you.

Some of these property management services are:

Finding Verified Tenants

The whole purpose of buying real estate is as an investment. Property value only appreciates over time, and it is never a bad time to jump in. But, how do you make a profit of your investment until it is time to sell? That’s right, renting it out.

The major hassle of renting, is finding good, verified tenants. It is even more so a trouble when you live overseas. As a property management company (did we mention we have branches in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad?), we take over this responsibility of not only finding tenants on time to occupy your rental property and start generating revenue, but we also screen them to ensure they have a squeaky clean record.

Rent Management

Don’t you hate making those trips once a month, all the way to collect rent only to find the tenants are not home? Oh wait, you’re an NRI. Isn’t it worse when your calls keeping hitting the engaged, or busy tone?

When you hire Propadis, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the amount deposited every month. Yup, we’ll take over the rest.

Maintenance and Repairs

Tenants are slow to pick your call when you’re calling for rent, but real quick in calling you to complain about a problem. As an NRI, the time zone of the location you are in in is different from India, and could quite often be a major problem for communication with tenants. It could be broad daylight in Bangalore when your tenant calls you, but you could be snoring away blissfully in California.

As a property management company, we take over all aspects of tenant management and house management tasks. This includes regular and ad-hoc maintenance, repairs, etc.

Are You an NRI With Property in India, But Still in Doubt About Hiring Property Management Services?

Just give us a call! Or drop in a message. We’ll clear all your doubts. Happy renting!

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