Property Management in Bangalore FAQs

What exact property management services do you provide in Bangalore?

We have an active on-ground property management team in Bangalore and we provide the following services:
1. Monetize your property in Bangalore in the form of rental or selling.
2. Pure maintenance of property in Bangalore in the form of regular inspections, cleanups, so degradation is prevented.
3. Regularize any and all property documents, so penalties, interest charged by the government can be avoided.

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Do you have a property manager on site in Bangalore?

1. Yes, we have property managers on-site at the apartment complex or Villa. Currently, we are focused in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Mumbai.
2. Currently, we have 16 member team for various on-site, on-ground activities plus a network of 100+ service partners.

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Do you cater to locations other than Bangalore?

We take only what we can chew. In an unorganized world in India, currently, we are focused in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Mumbai.

Do you have overseas NRI property management representatives?

1. Yes we have property management offices in North America in East Coast & West Coast.
2. We also have NRI property management representation in Australia.

I am an NRI with property in Bangalore, how do you maintain communication?

Establishing trust with you is key in this business. Communication about your property is maintained via all modern forms with regular updates via phone calls, emails, what’s app etc.

How often do you connect about the property management of my property in Bangalore?

As often as you wish. All modern forms of communication are dynamic in nature

What information is exchanged during our connects?

We make sure to keep you completely informed about the state of your property, property maintenance activities completed and all activities planned.
1. Property Information, Size, Location, expectations, Practical scenarios etc
2. We also create service level agreements

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