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manage property in India


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rental property management


Property management companies in India


Property management companies in India


manage property in India


Property management companies in India


rental property management

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Manage Your Property in Hyderabad

Are you an NRI with Property in Hyderabad? Or maybe you own property in Hyderabad but live elsewhere? You probably already know the hassles that are involved with owning a property. It requires constant inspection, maintenance, and repairs. If you’re looking to monetize it, you have the additional task of looking for tenants, managing them, etc. Enter Propadis, one of the best Property management companies in India. We’ll take over all the hassles of property management, while you just sit back and enjoy the rewards. Here’s what we can do for you.

Monetize Your Property

if you own a house in Hyderabad, you are definitely looking to earn rent from it (or maybe sell it). We help you monetize your investment by finding verified tenants for your property, and also managing the tenants.

Enhance Your Property

We ensure that your house in Hyderabad is enhanced, through periodic inspection, maintenance and repairs. We understand the care a house needs, and as experts, we get the it done.

Safeguard Your Property

You might look to live in your house after a few years, or maybe sell, both of which needs the house to be in top condition. We safeguard your property through regular checks and by appointing an on-ground manager.

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Looking For Experts to Manage a Property in Hyderabad?

Property management companies employ experts for each property management task. We have vendors who we work with closely in order to service your house in Hyderabad. We understand that your property is not just an investment, it is a prized possession, and we strive to treat it as such. Here’s a small set of benefits of hiring Propadis.

Property Inspection

We first prepare a detailed report about the current condition of the property, the requirements you have, the current market rates and trends, etc. This gives you a clear vision of what to expect, and gives us a roadmap of what actions to perform. We also go ahead and execute the maintenance and repairs needed post the inspection and contract signing.

On-Ground Property Manager

We will assign an expert on-ground property manager to your property in Hyderabad. We believe in quick response and proactive work, and this is only possible through an on-ground team. We have property experts and vendors local to Hyderabad, to ensure your property gets the best care, promptly. Say good bye to property hassles!

Expert Vendors & Teams

Through years of work, we have built a strong team and relationships with vendors who we employ to manage, maintain, and perform repairs on your house in Hyderabad. you get the benefit of this expertise when you partner with Propadis.

Tenant Management

Tenant management is one of many services we provide, but we're stress on this because it is what most home owners look to get from property management companies. We provide 360 degree tenant management services, from finding tenants, collecting rent, to managing them.

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