Property Maintenance in India a Hassle? Property Management Company is the Solution

Property Maintenance – When & Why is it a Hassle?

Property Maintenance is simply keeping your property – your villa, apartment or land, in top shape. Periodic checks, repairs, cleaning, replacement, upgrades, etc make up property maintenance. Now you see why it can be a hassle? Can you imagine skipping a day of work just to stay home and have a plumber fix a leaky pipe? Or spend an entire day monitoring painters as they paint a fresh coat? No, you have more important tasks to accomplish with your time, and we completely understand.

Property Maintenance is one of those chores that you do not like doing, but you have to do. Because a neglected property can quickly become a degraded property. But what if you just don’t have the time or energy?

A while ago we published an article that spoke about different problems homeowner’s face when renting their property. We spoke about how a property management company can make all those problems disappear. If you missed it, here is the article:

How a Property Management Company Can Help Solve Renting Troubles

Following up on that article, here is how a property management company will help maintain your property in India.

Here are a few scenarios when property maintenance in India becomes a hassle, and the solution to the problem:

1. You stay far away from your property in India

If you own a house that you do not live in and is far away from where you live, you will definitely not have the time or energy to constantly travel to your property and manage maintenance. Right? Maybe you bought a property as an investment or as a future home. The first few months you will pour your sweat, blood and tears into making it the perfect place. But then life takes over. Your family, friends and job consume so much of your time that you forget about your property.

Let us assure you, your family, friends and job deserve your time, not the plumber or the electrician. That is exactly why you should hire a property management company to take over these property maintenance tasks on your behalf. A property management company is not a broker to facilitate buying or selling. They are your representatives. They work on behalf of you and your property on ALL tasks.

2. You don’t have the right resources to handle Property Maintenance in India

Property maintenance involves MANY jobs. For each of these individual jobs, you need to find the right resource. The perfect resource is someone who is experienced and proficient while also being affordable. Unfortunately, property maintenance is not your area of expertise and understandably, you do not have the right connections. You could easily be tricked into hiring a novice who does a bad job and charges exorbitant fees!

Property management companies, like us at Propadis, have a network of skilled workers who perform excellent services. What’s best is that since these are known connections, the prices are much lower than you are charged in the market. Property Maintenance in India can be very affordable, provided you let us do it for you.

3. You’re not aware that your property in India is in need of maintenance

When you’re sick, you go to the doctor. Similarly, when your property in India is degrading it is in serious need of maintenance. The problem is, when you’re physically sick you have clear signs so it is easy to rush to the doctor. But with your property, especially when you stay far away, you might not know there is a problem until it is too late!

Another important reason why you absolutely must utilize the services of a property management company in India. They perform periodic checks and keep an eye on your property. Any irregularity or issue is immediately noticed and rectified. Property maintenance in India has never been this easy!

Consult a Property Management Company to Maintain your Home in India

We’ve made all the problems clear and also spoken about how a property management company can provide all the solutions. A quick glance at how property maintenance in India can be easily managed through a property management company:

  1. A dedicated manager for your property
  2. Periodic quality checks
  3. A team of qualified and affordable resources
  4. Dedicated time for your home
  5. On location teams
  6. Swift and tidy repairs
  7. Proactive maintenance measures

The list goes on, but you get the point. When should you hire a property manager in India? See our infographic to know the perfect time:

How Do You Know If You Need a Property Manager?

But what do you do??

What is a Property Management Company & What Do They Do?

We put together a list of property management companies you can reach out to. Here’s a list of some popular companies that you can begin with:

Propadis – We are the best of course! But, we do not shy away from giving you more sources. Your happiness, after all, is most important to us. Here are some more-





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