NRI With Property in Bangalore? Here’s Why You Need a Property Management Company

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NRI Property Management Services in Bangalore

NRI property management is not a new service, but also not a very well known one. Property management services have existed for a very long time now, but NRIs still seem to struggle with managing their home in India. A normal tendency is to ask friends and family back home in Bangalore to help out.

The problem with assigning the task of managing your home in Bangalore to family and friends is that they are not professionals, and they also have chores of their own that might take priority. This will only adversely affect your property.

This is exactly why you MUST entrust your valuable property in India to a property management company, whose sole job is to maintain your home in Bangalore.

Why Would You Need Dedicated Services For Your House In Bangalore?

Bangalore is a fast-paced city, with students and job seekers/changers coming in and out every year. As the population keeps rotating, so does the situation with tenants. Bangalore also sees extremes in seasons, which impacts houses.

Home owners who rent out their property in Bangalore especially face problems when the year ends and students move, and IT folk switch jobs and location. The tedious process of advertising property, showing it to potential tenants, and then managing new tenants becomes a repetitive hassle. Now imagine managing this hassle from overseas. It’s a pain, we assure you.

And that’s where we, property management companies in Bangalore, come in. We take over all the hassles and responsibilities, not just for renting and tenants but also for selling and even just maintenance, letting you own property in Bangalore as an RI or NRI completely hassle free.

Here are 5 situations when you must consult a property management company in Bangalore:

Property Degradation

A house needs constant care, and periodic ‘servicing’. Floors need cleaning, pipes need tightening, and tiles need fixing. If left unchecked, a house can become a ruin real fast. There’s no house that can get away from this, dust and breakage happen for certain. You need to hire a property management company because they perform periodic checks, cleaning and repairs as part of their service portfolio.

Tenant Vacancy

While away from India, renting out your house in Bangalore is definitely a great investment. The rent value in Bangalore is amazing and the IT and student population is booming. But, staying away from your home in India, how will you manage to keep finding and retaining tenants? With students, they tend to leave after the course is done, and you find yourself having to find new tenants. This is where property managers step in. They keep a track of tenant vacancy trends and proactively look for new tenants, ensuring minimum to no vacancy.

Managing Tenants

Once you get tenants, managing them becomes another hassle. You need to cater to their demands, collect rent, manage situations like water scarcity, power outages, broken windows, etc. Handling all this from abroad is definitely going to be a headache. You need a property management company in such a scenario because they appoint property managers at the location of your house in Bangalore, and these managers are available to execute actions immediately.

Outrages Commissions by Middlemen

Another drawback with real estate in Bangalore is that middlemen: brokers, agents, etc., all demand outrages commissions. Granted they do the work of finding you tenants, but wouldn’t it be great if you can find a tenant, and save the commission? This is precisely the benefit of hiring a property management company in Bangalore.

Finding Handymen is Hard

A house can give rise to multiple problems: leaky faucets, fans that don’t spin, broken windows, squeaky door, etc. Each of these problems needs a specialist: a plumber, an electrician, a repairman, a carpenter, etc. As an NRI finding the right person, a reliable person, and on time, can be near impossible. Property management companies have their own repertoire of handymen, ensuring you quick and reliable service, and often at a price lower than that in the market.


Well, we’ve said all we need to to say, if you’re an NRI and you own a house/property in Bangalore, drop in a message: All you need to do is start a conversation.

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