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rental property management


Property management companies in India


Property management companies in India


manage property in India


Property management companies in India


rental property management

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NRI Property Management Services

NRIs have it tough all around, and this holds especially true if they have a property in India but no one to take care of it. If you own a property in Bangalore, it can stand you in good stead to try Propadis’s apartment property management in Bangalore. We are experts in our field, and property management comes to us as naturally as breathing. This is precisely why we are known among the top property management companies in Bangalore.

Quick identification Of Tenants

We take care of all the necessary advertisements to ensure we can quickly find tenants for your property so that you can start earning from this asset sooner rather than later.

Tenant Screening

Offering premium Bangalore property management for NRIs, we go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the best and most responsible candidates are selected to rent your property. This includes checking the background of the tenants.

Maintenance & Repairs

Finally, we also provide the best apartment maintenance services Bangalore has to offer so that your Indian property is always in the best possible condition and all the repairs are taken care of proactively.

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By choosing Propadis for apartment property management in Bangalore, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your property is safe and sound at all times. We do not just take care of the property like our own but also ensure that through our optimum Bangalore property management for NRIs, you can quickly start earning passive income from it. Going for our NRI property management services is an absolute win-win for you as you get to live abroad without any preoccupation, knowing fully well that your property will be taken care of properly.

Documentation & Paperwork

Propadis is counted among the top property management companies in Bangalore for an excellent reason. One such responsibility that we take up is that of documentation and paperwork. We ensure that everything is in order, and there are no loopholes to any of the agreements we draw for the tenants.

Regular Inspections

We carry out regular inspections of your property as a part of our apartment management services Bangalore. Hence, we are always on top of our game and ensure that everything is in order when it comes to your investment.

Handling Tenant Queries

Another thing you can count us on is handling all the queries and questions of the tenants. This includes addressing their concerns and also handling any complaints that they might have. We have an entire team of expert customer care support that takes absolute pleasure in taking care of these things for you.

Adhering to All the Norms

Finally, we adhere to all the norms where your property is concerned, whether it is regarding the property taxes or the legal framework related to your property. We take care of the minutest details to make sure that you do not have to worry about anything at any point in time.

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