Making Sure No One Sleeps Hungry Tonight – Serving During the Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected nearly everything – businesses, education, daily chores, and basically every single person on the planet irrespective of background, country, colour, cast or status. The silver lining, if it can be called that, is that it has brought us together as a community. In testing times like these the true power of the human spirit becomes clearly evident. Healthcare professionals are working round the clock to save lives, the government is taking action to contain the spread, policemen are on the street enforcing strict measures, and citizens are behaving responsibly.

But as people we’re always looking to do more, to better serve our community. We found that, as a result of the country-wide lockdown and shortage in commodities, a lot of people around Bangalore are being deprived of the most important daily necessity for sustenance – food. We decided to help out in any way possible without breaking any of the lockdown rules, and came together as a society to cook, pack and distribute food to those in need around Bangalore.

Hot food stored in sealed containers

Working as a big group of families desperate to alleviate the problem, we cook food in batches, pack them, and a designated transport vehicle that is cleared to move during the lockdown takes the food to those in need. Close to 500 boxes leave our society everyday and join a fleet of transport vans that totally distribute close to 3000 boxes around Bangalore every single day. So far as friends and community, we have fed 1Lac+ meals this month

Each family prepares food and the food is packed
Propadis founder Vinod Podar packing food
Sealed food containers ready to be delivered
Multiple delivery vans go to different locations around Bangalore

We are hundred percent sure that together we are going to beat the virus, but until we do, let’s stay strong and remain helpful. Stay safe, stay indoors.

Food being delivered to those who need it
Food being delivered to those who need it

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