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Renting out a house or apartment in Bangalore is a very common occurrence, and a major source of income for a large chunk of the local population in Bangalore. Being the IT hub of India and a prime location for education, a lot of people from all over India, and the world, move to Bangalore every year. This automatically creates a need for accommodation, which creates a tenant audience for people who are renting out homes in India. But this also means that every year a lot of workers who change jobs move out of Bangalore, and a lot of students who complete their studies move out of Bangalore, which creates vacancies in rental homes. Luckily, the new inflow of population easily fills in vacancies.

The issue, however, is not with the availability of tenants in Bangalore, but in finding the right tenant and renting out the house as soon as possible (to reduce the non-earning period). This involves a lot of advertising, marketing, open houses, and documentation.

This process takes time, and extreme effort. Any home owner will already know. A lot of our clients are home owners who have tried to find tenants on their own, burned out energy and time, and then come to us for advice. We’re not saying the process of finding a tenant is rocket science, but for a person who has a full time job, family responsibilities, and very limited free time and energy, using this limited free time and energy to perform tasks to find tenants is just too much. On the other hand, finding tenants in Bangalore is our full time job, so our focus and energy is primarily on finding you the right tenant fast.

Here’s How We Will Help You Find a Tenant(s) in Bangalore

As a property management company in Bangalore, we provide a huge multitude of services, and finding tenants, verifying them, and managing tenants is a part of our service portfolio. This is how we can help you:

  1. We inspect your property and prepare an exhaustive audit report, and this is even before you sign up. Here is a sample – Property Evaluation & Market Insights Report for a Customer With Property in Skylark Esta, Hoodi, Bangalore.
  2. After you sign up, we prepare the property for open houses by cleaning it, and getting repairs done if necessary.
  3. We market and advertise your property on our personal listing portal, and also on all other major listing portals like MagicBricks, CommonFloor, etc. The important point here is, we also promote these listings by investing in boosting them.
  4. We cater to all the incoming calls and messages and show the property to potential tenants.
  5. We perform a verification check on all interested prospects.
  6. Once a tenant has agreed to move in, we take care of documentation and help them settle in.
  7. We continue to serve you through our tenant management services (as part of the package). We cater to their needs, and the needs of the property (repairs, maintenance, etc) to ensure maximum retention time so you get the most out of your property in Bangalore.

Final Words

Rental management is a headache, but does not have to be. If you notice, the 7 steps we mentioned above cover complete rental management, from finding and verifying tenants to catering to them everyday, and in none of these steps was your time or effort required. Basically, we handle everything. All the work and the hassles, and you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of hassle free renting in Bangalore.

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