NRIs Investing In Indian Real Estate

Investing in real estate for NRIs is a great avenue for long term returns. However, any kind of investment that is made needs attention to ensure it is up to date with current market trends.  This presents a pretty huge hurdle for NRIs who have property or want property in India but don’t have the … Read more

Important Regulations NRIs With Property in India Must Be Aware Of

There are some important tax and regulatory considerations that non-residents should take note of before making investments in this sector, generally, these investments are from a long-term perspective. Foreign exchange regulations The key foreign exchange regulations governing investments in real estate are as below: Who can invest Investments in Indian real estate can be done … Read more

How Propadis makes receiving India property updates for NRIs simple

The pandemic has presented new global challenges, when several governments announced lock-downs and closed entry into their nation – people travelling for work, people making plans to travel for important work and many individuals on holiday found themselves stuck in an unprecedented situation.  The inability to not fly at ease and the urgent need to … Read more

7 essential tips for NRIs to keep in mind when renting or selling their property in India

Investing in property or even renting out already owned property is a great way for NRIs to ensure their property is maintained and doesn’t catch dust for the years they are abroad and it also creates a source of passive income.  While some people rent out their own property till they decide to return and … Read more

3 Reasons Every Home Owner With Tenants Needs a Property Management Company

Owning real estate in India is a smart investment because property prices are always rising. NRIs especially prefer real estate in India as a lucrative investment. But what do you do with a house you buy as an investment, until prices mature? There is a great way to monetize a property in India: By renting … Read more

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