5 Ways to Protect Your House This Monsoon

As much as we love the monsoon season for its freshness, it comes with a fair share of problems for our houses. Monsoon means a spell of water splashed across the wall exteriors and roof of your house. An excessive amount of rain can, hence, damage the house and lead to a lot of problems such as falling of cement plaster, peeling off paint, weakening of the foundation of your house and much more.

So, here are 5 ways to protect your house this monsoon!

1. Use White Cement and Wall Putty

White cement and wall putty are essential to avoid water seepage in walls. Before a house is painted, wall putty is used as it helps in preventing seepage by absorbing the extra water and not allowing the wall to swell. Therefore, you must choose a good quality white cement and wall putty to ensure best results. You can also consult an interior home decorator to assist you in selecting the right materials to protect your house from the monsoon season.  

2. Choose the Right Brand of Paint for The Walls

It is no secret that paint helps you avoid pollution as well as other atmospheric threats on the walls of your house. Moreover, it also helps avoid excessive water spray. This is why it is essential to invest in good quality paint that can help you defend your walls from humidity. You can choose from a wide range of waterproof paints that are accessible in the market today. They do not easily get affected by rainwater and are also easy to wash. 

3. Check the Seepage in The Walls

When rain continues falling relentlessly for days at an end, water gets accumulated at certain corners of the house. Wall gapping, joints and cracks are usually the main entrances that lead to leakages in walls. In simple words, seepage refers to blisters in the plaster and paint, which leads to a damage of the internal structure of your walls. Therefore, in order to avoid these problems, you must regularly check for seepage and fill them with varied protective materials.

4. Ensure Proper Water Drainage

You must also ensure that you have a proper drainage system in your house. This is because, during the monsoon season, drainage pipes usually run with their full capacity and thus, have higher chances of water leakage. Therefore, the drainage systems must be checked regularly, and the holes must be filled with waterproof materials to avoid any permanent damage to the house walls.

5. Hire A Property Management Company

If you are someone who lives away from your home, you might be better off hiring an expert property management company like Propadis to take care of the aforementioned steps. Monsoon can do some real damage to your house, and if you have an abandoned property away from your permanent residence, a property management company can help you ensure it is adequately taken care of and safeguarded from the damage this season can cause to a house.

For more details, get in touch with Propadis at https://propadis.com/

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