5 Ways to Manage Your Property in Bangalore [Against the Summer Heat]

Protect Your Property in Bangalore in the Summer

Yes, the summer is finally here. The sun is back with a fiery rage and the burning heat in Bangalore is almost unbearable. But of course, you have a thousand different ways to cool of your body and mind for the summer. The cool breeze at Cubbon park, a chilled beer at Toit, or lazy Sunday at Forum mall.

But what about your prized possession, your house in Bangalore? The summer has a harsh effect on your house too. The dry weather causes paint to chip, bugs fester in hidden spaces, dust settles in, etc. We’ve made a list of things you can do to protect your home this summer.

Stop heat from entering through your windows

Yes, transparent or translucent windows let in sunlight, and consequently heat. By blocking the heat from seeping in through the windows, you can ensure the temperature inside your house is much cooler than outside. Use curtains indoors and plants and shrubs that block the window (at least a part of it) outdoors to achieve this.

Ensure your attic is insulated

Your attic is probably the first place in your house to heat up. The roof is closest to the sun and the windows let in hot air. Although you may not go up there often, once the attic is heated it radiates this heat down to the house. Insulate your attic to prevent this.

Check the air conditioner and humidifier

The air conditioner isn’t only going to cool you off this summer, it is also going to keep your house in Bangalore protected. make sure to get it checked well in advance by your electrician, and also check the humidifier. With the air in Bangalore being dry, the humidifier is very important in maintaining comfort levels.

Install a thermostat

A thermostat is a temperature regulator that is great for maintaining optimal temperature in your house and also for energy and cost saving. Since the nights and mornings in Bangalore are cooler than the afternoons, you might want your air conditioner and humidifier to adjust accordingly. You can regulate this with a thermostat.

Don’t let bugs rest in your porch

Bugs can be a menace in the summer, especially in Bangalore. They start by coming in ones and before you know it, they arrive in swamps. Don’t let flies and bugs hover in your porch, nip the menace in the bud. Use equipment, sprays pr pesticides to keep bugs at bay.

It’s Easy to Maintain Your Property in Bangalore This Summer!

You can follow the above tips to protect your house in Bangalore during this summer. But if you don’t stay in Bangalore? Maybe you’re an NRI. Or maybe you stay elsewhere in India, like Pune or Kolkata. What then?

Well there’s a simple solution: A property management company! We at Propadis take extra measure to ensure our customers’ houses are adequately protected for every season. Check out some of our services: Bangalore property management services

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