3 Ways to Find Verified Tenants for Your House in India

Owning a house in India is an extremely lucrative investment. Property prices are only rising and in only a few years, you investment would have greatly increased. but while you wait for real estate prices to naturally rise, there is a way to earn a passive income through your house in India: by way of rent.

Working in the property management line, we quickly realized one major pain point every landlord faces: finding verified tenants quickly, who stay for a long period of time. We in fact got into the property management services to address this pain point. Here are 3 ways how we as a property management company help property owners in India find verified tenants quickly to reduce vacancy time:

Listing and Advertising

We have our very own listing channel, and a host of partner channels on which we list your property. You might be wondering, that you can list our property yourself, right? The difference is, we also invest in promoting this listing so that your property gets the most visibility. Additionally, we market and advertise your property online, and among our network which gives your house in India maximum visibility and reach.

We also employ digital marketing, the current trend in marketing and advertising, to reach out to potential tenants on social media and search engines. This also gives us control over who we attract to your property.

Open House

As a home owner with a job, or if you stay far away from the property, you might be able to show tenants the house only on weekends. This means for 5 days of the week your property goes without yielding any rent, and you also pose the chance of losing out on many potential tenants simply because they went with another house because they couldn’t wait.

We eliminate this possibility of losing potential tenants and rent by being readily available to show potential tenants your house on short notice. Also, being in the real estate sector, we know how to judge a tenant and close the deal


We mentioned this before, but it deserves to be added upon. We have a wide network of property owners, real estate agents, and listing company who further have their own wide net of sources. By posting your property on our channel, we ensure it is picked up by all our known links and this gives your property maximum exposure, ensuring fast occupancy.

Ready to Earn Consistent Rent?

If you own a house in India and you find it hard to maintain tenants, consider hiring a property management company. We take over complete responsibility or maintenance and tenant management. This includes periodic checks and repairs, rent collection, ad hoc requirement servicing, managing tenant exit, finding new tenants, verifying tenants, etc. Reach out to us to know more.

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